its super mario 64 but in super mario galaxy 2

its super mario 64 but in super mario galaxy 2

Do you ever just recreate a N64-era game into a Wii-era engine?

MeTheMarioMan is doing this. Super Mario 64’s (SM64) levels are giant open levels with a certain theme. Super Mario Galaxy 2, on the other hand, is a substantially linear game. What if you combined the two? Unfortunately, MeTheMarioMan isn’t finished with this yet. This is understandable, as Super Mario 64 is a huge game. The trailer and link to the site are below.

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This is made different than Neo Mario Galaxy. This guy is actually making his own assets and textures, to more resemble SM64 worlds. There are some issues he has run into, however. One is that some of the enemies from SM64 do not exist in Super Mario Galaxy 2. Re-spriting, animating, and reprogramming their AI would be incredibly difficult, borderline impossible. He has to replace certain enemies with others, thus creating a different type of challenge. Case in point: The Chain Chomp in the beginning of Bob-omb battle field. Super Mario Galaxy 2 doesn’t have Chain Chomps that can be chained to posts. it just has Chain-Chomps that are essentially “Spheres with eyes and teeth and they can roll around”. He uses a Silver Chain-Chomp, as it is the only capable of tracking the player, and places a green springy plant, which happens to be the only way to defeat a Silver Chain-Chomp.

This connects to engineering in that it takes two existing things, both already great and well-received, and combines them to make something even better. The best part is that it is going through constant improvement, as seen in the comparison between two versions of Bob-omb battlefield

So yeah, I’ll definitely be trying to download this hack once it comes out.