Water Walker Underwater Treadmill


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Water Walker and Spa developed the Water Walker Underwater Treadmill. This device is a transparent tub that allows you to adjust the color, water level, and speed. The tub can be used for a variety of purposes. Those who enjoy exercising can use this to work out, but it can also be used for treating injury. Running in water benefits one by giving less shock of impact on joints and makes his or her weight feel 80 percent lighter. Moreover, the users’ shoes will not be covered in dirt and mud.

Link to the Original Article: http://womensrunning.competitor.com/2017/08/news/underwater-treadmill-water-walker_78773

The tub relates to engineering, as many engineers used math and science to produce this. A variety of engineers, such as electrical and manufacturing engineers, collaborated to make the tub. This tub relates to life, as people around the world will use this. It will allow them to work out at home. This simple and relaxing machine will benefit their lives.

Video of Water Walker Underwater Treadmill: