The Colosseum


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The Colosseum was built in Rome for the entertainment of the Roman citizens and emperors. The building was four stories tall, with 80 arches on each floor. It was made primarily out of limestone, however other materials were used such as brick and concrete. The amphitheater was 45 meters, or 150 feet high. It was shaped like an oval measuring 87.5m x 54.8m. It had a width of 189 x 156 meters. It could hold 50,000 viewers at a time. Many events took place in the Colosseum, including public executions and gladiator fights.

This relates to engineering because the colosseum is civil engineering, which is related to the designing of buildings like the colosseum. It is impressive that such a magnificent building could have been built by the Romans over a thousand years ago. In Colosseum events, hundreds, or even thousands of animals could be killed in one event. Some animals that could be in events were, lions, tigers, deer, and even whales. When the colosseum first opened, Emperor Titus threw a one hundred day gladiator event. The colosseum was very popular in Rome, and still is today.