A Diagram To An Introduction To The DIY USB Solar Charger


By: Stephanie Terceros

Welcome to an introduction to our DIY USB Solar Charger! We have received our materials and packages and are going to start constructing our DIY solar charger that works for any type of phone. Before we start constructing the device or object, we have sketched out a diagram or a blueprint to demonstrate how our solar charger will appear in the end, to give you an idea of how our project will look like. We have drawn a small Tupperware container that has the battery holder, the batteries, a volt, and wires inside the Tupperware. On top of the small Tupperware container we have drawn a small solar panel with wires on it. Further details are shown in the diagram in which we designed and sketched out. In the following picture or drawing below, it represents the diagram in which we designed and how we plan on making our DIY USB Solar Charger look similar to this diagram.