Bio Bus

Bio Bus

By: Ahmet Cengiz

Can you think of a bus that is powered by human waste? I know it may sound nasty, but isn’t it a great source for keeping our environment clean. Can you think of a world filled with trees and flowers everywhere? Who would kill their grandsons and daughters future? This world is not ours and one day we’re going to leave it to the next generation. Do you use something that’s not yours? Keep your environment with a special technological system.

This bus is called  Bio bus. It works with a human waste. This bus first came out in Southwest England in 2014. When this bus is compared to a diesel engine which is normally used by buses, the Bio bus produces 20-30% carbon dioxide. Also, it produces 80% percent fewer nitrogen oxides. One tank of the gas will power the bus for 300 kilometers. This bus also has 40 seats.

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This relates to engineering by using and learning to build for a better world. Also it relates to engineering by staying organized and leaning about a great mechanism. Also don’t forget it is used in other countries too. Therefore if you a have chance to ride one of them do it for the future people and environment. For more information check