Remote Control Trash Day 6: Changes to purchase order


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One of the items on our purchase order is not available to be purchased at the moment, so we need to order a different one. The item that is unavailable is the joystick that we ordered. We originally ordered a PlayStation 2 joystick that came with wires to connect it to our project. We now have ordered one that is specifically designed to work with the Arduino device.

We also need to rethink the way we are going to use wheels, and the wheels we will use. Originally, we ordered wheels that were probably going to be too small and would not fit the motors that we bought. We are considering using a few kinds of wheels, like Omni Wheels. Omni wheels are wheels that have smaller wheels on them so they can roll sideways as well as forwards. We would use these in a triangular design, with two moving forward and one moving sideways. We are still deciding on the wheels that we will use, we are waiting for our parts to be delivered before we decide.

English: Heavy duty Omni wheel
English: Heavy duty Omni wheel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)