3D printed hammer and sickle


By: Nick Afanasyev

This is our second project, we are going to go and become full on USSR comrades. We will buy a USSR flag and a black ushanka off of Amazon. Then we will 3D print a Hammer and Sickle for further convincing looks. So far we are waiting for the hammer and sickle to 3D print, and for the ushanka to be ordered.

This relates to engineering because we are using the 3D printer, and making P.O orders.

3D printer works by squirting hot plastic onto a platform, which then is molded into the shape of the thing you are 3D printing. in our case a hammer and sickle.

heres a video of the USSR anthem:

image of what the hammer and sickle will roughly look like:

Image result for 3d printed hammer and sickle