LED Sand Toys


The tiny LED dos (sand) fall according to which direction the gravitational pull would naturally pull them.

Phillip Burgess coded a toy that stimulates physics by calculating collisions an terminal velocity. The toy is a set of rings that, in the middle, displayed a series of sand-like dots that appear in different patterns. According to the direction the toy is rocking, the lights will change to appear as if they were following gravity.

Link: https://learn.adafruit.com/animated-led-sand

Children tend to like toys that are able to entertain you for long spans of time. A mindless yet entertaining toy like this would could be popular among younger teenagers or preteens. Being taught how someone coded and made a toy that is popular could make children more interested in designing toys of their own and become a way for people to start working on projects like engineers.

Electrical and mechanical engineers would work on producing the toys. The wiring and coding would be needed to make the sand lights fall according to the current gravitational pull. The mechanical engineers would have to design a contraption that could spin freely as the code required while still being able to fit all of the wires.