Bitescan is a Bluetooth device that allows people to have good chewing habits. The Bitescan is created by the company called ‘Sharp’. It is used to measure the chewing strokes as you are eating. It is located behind your ear which it can measure the speed of the person’s bite. The Bitescan is smaller and lighter than other bite counters. Also, it could detect the numbers of bite and the type of bite using a waveform. The device could be used on an app which can tell the person if they are a slow or fast eater. It is used as a health tool that helps people with their eating, based on their chewing movement. Therefore, the product will be released next year as it collects data to share with Japanese universities. It is one of the newest devices that is used to help with your chewing movements.


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This is related to engineering because the designers of Bitescan has to designed the device and programmed it. Therefore, they have to find problems during the engineering process. Later, they have to solve the problems which they created solutions.  So, there has to be a lot of research and trials to make the Bitescan effective. Lastly, the Bitescan has different parts in the engineering process.