Non-Profit in Michigan Creates Highway Test Facility for Self-Driving Cars

By: Claire Conley

Self-driving cars have started to become a focus of the automotive industry. For years we couldn’t of done this, but now having self-driving cars is becoming possible. With any new prototype, engineers need to be able to test it to help make it work better. That is why a non-profit in Michigan decided to create a test facility modeled like a highway to test self-driving cars. The facility look just like a normal highway, complete with a 2.5-mile highway loop, a 700ft curved tunnel, and a number of overpasses, intersections and roundabouts.  The facility is so big it takes up 500 acres. Hopefully, now that companies can better test their designs self-driving cars will be out for sale sooner than we know it.

This relates to engineering because the facility is going to be used to help improve and develop prototypes which is a main part of the engineering process. It is also going to test the computer engineering of the car to see how well it responds. Lastly it took structural engineers to design the test facility.