Tesla Autopilot Car Crash


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A car designed by Tesla crashed against a concrete highway lane divider, the driver died in the hospital a little while later. Tesla says that the driver should have taken control of the vehicle, as he had about five seconds to react while the car drove towards the barrier. Tesla says that drivers of autopilot cars need to be constantly watching to make sure the car is driving correctly so they can take control in time, and drive in a safer way. They also say that autopilot is for assistance, not to always be on. Some other people say that Tesla should take part of the blame for selling cars that could easily be used incorrectly or dangerously.

This relates to engineering, because Tesla needs to always be designing and engineering new cars and systems that are safer. Self-driving and autopilot cars are a relatively new invention that many people are skeptical about, more crashes like these may convince people that driver-less cars are not safe and should not exist. Autopilot cars are different then completely driver-less cars, because they have steering wheels and are used as assistance for the driver and even stop driving if the driver removes their hands from the wheels for long enough time.

Original Article: https://www.wired.com/story/tesla-autopilot-self-driving-crash-california/

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