Retro Game Iphone Case

Retro Game Iphone Case

Do you ever just use your phone but then think “Man, I wish I was playing a retro game right now”?

This iPhone case case solves this extremely common problem! Basically, it is a retro game emulator embedded into the back of an iPhone case. To activate, simply slip in the battery to the marked spot in the case. Then put your phone into the case. It has ten games, including Snake, Tetris, Tank, and Formula One Racing.

It works like any classic handheld gaming console does – and it has all the games pre-installed, so you don’t need to swap out cartridges. It is also made to be slimmer so that you can safely ignore when you want to use your phone like a normal person. Besides being a good emulator, it also protects like a normal case would and doesn’t interfere with any connections, or the camera, at all.


It relates to engineering because it puts two good ideas that people have (Wanting to protect your phone and wanting to play on a retro emulator) and rolls them into one. It involves on past models of either design.

I would get this if it were compatible with my phone.