iPhone case that is a gaming console?



Gaming consoles have evolved from blurry 2D animations to stunningly realistic 3D simulations, which can be experienced simultaneously by groups of players across the globe.

However, even with all of theses advancements, something about the classic game boy look just can’t be beaten. This led to the creation of the Wanle Gamers Console. This gadget turns your iPhone into a full on gaming console and it is also a pretty good phone case.

This has pre-installed games like Tetris, Tank, Formula One Racing, and Snake. Everything from the display to the feel of the controllers is much like the original Gameboy console, but switching between games takes only seconds since there’s no need to swap cartridges. You also won’t have to sacrifice any connectivity when you want to enjoy your favorite games since the case allows full access to your microphone, speaker, headphone jack, and main dock at all times.  This currently selling for $33.99.

What does this have to do with engineering?

This has to do with engineering because this innovation combines a technology from the past(Gameboy) with a phone case, which is something almost everyone, into something fun and innovative.

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This iPhone Case Has An Old-School Game Console In The Back… Really