DJI Spark Drone

DJI Spark is a mini drone that can take pictures in any angle. Therefore, it has flight control options, a camera, GPS and a obstacle detection in it.  As for the obstacle detection, it can detect objects such as birds, humans, or even animals. So, they can avoid from hitting the objects.  The features of DJI Spark is, it is really light-weighted and it can fly up to 98 feet above the ground. Another feature is gesture mode, it can detect a face to take a picture/video. Therefore, you can use hand gestures to take photos without using an app or a remote controller. Besides from the gesture mode, you can take photos and videos on an app in your phone. It cost $399 for the DJI Spark, and it has color options. The color options are green, yellow, blue, white, or even red. Also, the DJI Spark’s flight time is 10 min to 14 min which may be a short amount of time. The video and photo quality is excellence for a drone. The DJI Spark is an amazing drone that can take great views and capture the perfect moment.


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In my opinion, this is related to engineering because engineers have to design the drone and programmed it. There are problems during the process of building the drone so engineers have to create solutions to make it useful. Also, they have to use materials that are used in the drone such as the camera.