Remote Control Trash Can Day 4: Blueprint



Today, Team MoveableTrash created a blueprint for our trash can. At the bottom of the blueprint the design of the Ardiuno circuit is displayed while the trash can is represented above. All parts are to scale and labeled. Also on the bottom, the remote is expressed through a design created by our head programmer. The Ardiuno circuit works by adding industrial quality copper wires together by soldering and manual labor. The Arduino processes data sent by the programmed variables coded in a personal computer environment. It then passes it into our motor circuit through the cables connecting to our H-bridge powered motor controlling circuit. We have also added a wireless controlling RC feature just like an RC car, but much better! An Arduino Nano micro controller circuit board handles this job just like we want. The whole circuit includes a joystick which is connected to our nano board. To be able to execute our commands by remote control, we have added a Wi-Fi protocol wireless transceiver circuit soldered to our Arduino’s pins.


This blueprint relates to engineering because it expresses our creative idea into paper. It also is drawn out on professional Designer’s Grid Paper by hand. This blueprint required much effort and thought as this was our final draft and we made sure every hitch in the road would be overcome by our genius problem solvers. It also relates to engineering because blueprinting is a key step in creating common products of engineering. Most engineers frequently use blueprints to present their idea to their superior others. We implemented the same philosophical idea into our project, using the blueprint to display our project to our supervisor.

Example of a professional blueprint.

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Example of a trash can.

Global Industrial Trash Container, Garbage Can - 10 Gallon