Airless Bike



Bridgestone has recently introduced the Airless Bike. This bike has tires that aren’t like any other bikes. These tires have thermoplastic resin spokes that that switch shape when the bike moves. That is better because the spokes help support the weight of the rider and it absorbs road shocks all at the same time.

This Bike is convenient because the tires will never go flat. There will never be a need for hard installation for tires. Also maintenance is very simple. There is no need for an air pump and the little tube to that we usually have to install in the front.

Bridgestone Made Flat-Proof Airless Tires For Your Bicycle

This relates to engineering because Bridgestone took a simple problem, did research to fix the problem. then created their designs and have began to sell it. the ides of spokes was very creative and got it from there original idea of and Airless Car.