Fan Based Phone Charger


By: Jacqueline Connett

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I’m back at it again with the phone chargers! This ones fan based! How cool! So this fan based phone charger is portable and a great way to say money by getting air from this fan! In order to build it first you get the materials, an electric motor from radio shack the only one they had on the shelves. Rated for 1.5 volts, a fan blade from an RC store, a 40mm X 40mm Peltier claimed to produce up to 12 volts and a Mini PFM Control Step Up Booste. The man that was making the fan did a series of stacking the heat sinks and peltier device, to visualize where and how his fan motor would be mounted. After some measuring he realized that if he used one of his OAK Forge slingshot frames it would work perfectly. Then he cut the frame where the large hole is that fits the fan that he was using to make the creation. Then he used a chisel to pry the opening open and slide the motor into the hole. Three holes were tapped into the lower heat sink. Two in the front for the slingshot frame to fasten to the sink. One in the center back for a spring that will come into play later. Once he was ready to attach the frame he placed two standoffs in between the frame and the sink to help dissipate heat from the fan motor. He then used a metal scrap that fit to hold CPU heat sinks onto the CPU. He then proceeded to sand and file until it hooked into the slingshot frames existing hole. A hole was drilled in the back for a spring to fit through. Lastly he customized an existing spring to hook onto the rear screw and onto the spring bar. Then the fan based phone charger was made!

This relates to engineering because it is electrical engineering, structural engineering, mechanical engineering, and it uses the engineering and designing process. This relates to life because a lot of peoples phones die easily and people also use fans now you can also use a fan on the go and to cool yourself off at home, WHILE charging your phone.