#makingmakeup post 4


By: Grace Rose

We are using the Cura 3D printing software to 3D print our makeup pallet on the Ultimaker 3.

Last class we read about the new Ultimaker 3, a 3D printer and worked on a post about it. We also downloaded the Cura software that you can use to connect to the printer and print things. Today we are exploring the software to see how to adjust size and how to print things. Our design is 13 cm x 12 cm x 1 cm. We might adjust the size if it comes out to small or too big.

This relates to engineering because in the engineering process we are in the developing stage and we are changing and improving our idea.

We made our first pallet design, if it prints correct, we won’t need to make another, but if it doesn’t come out correct we will change and edit it to make our design better.