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By: Nicolo Miguel Ulit

Virtual reality gaming just got a lot more realistic, with the help of touch for feedback from Sandbox VR’s haptic vest.

Aloysius Low, from CNET, and a few of his friends went to the Orchard Central mall in Singapore’s shopping belt, which has Sandbox VR’s immersive semi-free roaming experience. There are two games you can play, each lasting around 30 minutes. Deadwood Mansion is a squad-based shooter where you defend your territory against a horde of zombies, much like in Left 4 Dead 2. The Curse of Davy Jones is an escape room adventure where you play as pirates. However, the games are not what are so cool about this experience. The cool thing is that, your can actually feel what is happening in the game. Image result for Sandbox VR's haptic vest lets you feel every zombie scratchDuring your experience you will be wearing a pair of VR goggles, with a laptop on my back and a haptic vest that could deliver sensations from inside the game.

This has to do with engineering because of how this improves our understanding of virtual reality. With this we are one step closer to actually being in a virtual reality world.


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