Electronic Space Shuttle Toy


This is a drawing of a basic NASA space shuttle. The toy in designed after its model.

Hundreds of engineers and scientists at the National Air and Space Association work every day to further advance our country’s space technology. People around the world look up to the stars and completely disregard the hard work that goes in to reaching them. The rockets and shuttles that are built to fly to space cost millions of dollars and years of hard work. Children hear about the wonders of space and many become interested in space travel and discovery.

Link: http://www.instructables.com/id/Electronic-Space-Shuttle/

Space engineering relates to everyone in the world. Every satellite or rocket makes an impact on the world. To a kid, this can seem like magic. These kids grow up wanting to be astronauts or other space related workers. By interesting people from a young age, space engineering links people of all ages to the engineering world and can be a door into an engineering career for people.

For the space shuttle toy, making it can relate to different forms of engineering. Electrical engineer, for the wires and electronics inside of the toy. Also mechanical engineer, for the outer appearance and the toy build. Overall, the toy and the concept is a great way to bring young people into engineering and space careers.

Video of a space shuttle launch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0ltvXVJ5u4