Power Air Fryer

By: Kelly Sin

  • Easy-Load Basket with Non-Stick Coating
  • Digital Timer with Automatic Shutoff

The Power Air Fryer XL features super-heated, the rapid-air technology that uses little or no oil to prepare food that has up to 80% less fat and fewer calories than traditional frying.Easily fry favorites like golden french fries, crispy onion rings, juicy chicken fingers and more! It also bakes, steams, sautés, grills and roasts other tasty treats in a large, easy-load basket with a non-stick coating. Air fry a turkey in just 35 minutes, grill steaks and fish, roast a chicken or steam veggies.

Engineers have to come up with a way how to heat things up plus have to air fry things without oil. They also have to work on the shape of it and what things you can put in there, usually the food you’d put into a regular fryer.