Boston Dynamics’ SpotMini


By: Grace Kim

Related imageBoston Dynamics released a video of its latest robotic dog, the SpotMini, on February 12, 2018. A SpotMini walks to a door but realizes it has no hands and cannot open it. After a few seconds, another SpotMini that has an arm with a grabber comes to help. It pulls and holds the door towards itself for its friend to go through. Then, the SpotMini with the grabber follows its friend through the door. The video impressed the viewers, as the SpotMini was strong enough to hold the door open that weighed more than its weight.

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The SpotMini relates to engineering and the world. Assuming the robot was not controlled, it most likely used cameras and sensors to notice the door handle. Robotics have improved significantly over the years. The world is changing due to the advancements in robotics. Moreover, a variety of engineers, such as mechanical and robotics engineers, participated to produce this robot. The engineers followed the engineering design process to produce this highly technical robot.

Here is the Video of the SpotMini from Boston Dynamics: