Sophia the Robot

Sophia the Robot

Sophia, the robot, is pictured, smiling. Photo by: Hansen Robotics

Hanson Robotics developed a humanoid robot – Sophia. Sophia was designed to embody Audrey Hepburn’s looks: porcelain skin, a slim nose, high cheekbones, an attractive smile, and expressive eyes that change color with the light. Not only does Sophia have a sense of humor, but she can also express her feelings. She can make eye contact, recognize faces, and understand human speech. Although Sofia operates on a script, she is smart and fun to talk to.

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Sophia relates to engineering and the world. It is an advanced robot that was established by numerous engineers, such as robotics and software engineers. Their large amount of effort lead to the invention of this robot. Moreover, this robot changed the history of engineering, as it looks similar to humans. In the future, there will be more robots like Sophia. They will be widely used and impact human life.

Here is a video about Sophia: