solar panel taxi



This car was driven by Louis Palmer around the world a few years ago.  It’s a three wheel electric “car” and is hauling a trailer containing solar panels built by the Solar Taxi sponsor, Q-Cells.

The on-vehicle solar array was enough to generate power to drive 100 kilometers, or about 60 miles.  That’s not very far especially when the goal is to travel around the world.  There were many days Louis Palmer wanted to drive more than 100 kilometers, and would therefore charge the car from a power outlet or possibly run a generator.  There were additional solar panels installed at the Q-Cells headquarters in Switzerland to offset electricity used for recharging the car at power outlets.

This demonstrates the in-feasibility of carrying enough solar panels to directly power an electric car.  Even for a purpose-built lightweight electric car it was not possible to carry enough solar panels to do so.

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How this relates to engineering is because engineering requires a lot of thing effort as well as building, this taxi has all of the following features of engineering.

In conclusion  this solar taxi can help with saving energy by using energy from the sun . helping the environment.

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