How To Construct And Design A Vertical Gardening Pipe


By: Stephanie Terceros

How can an individual’s plants and flowers be organized into a specific object without having to take up a large amount of space within an apartment, a house, or in a garden? The vertical gardening pipe or tube was designed to be the solution to this problem. This is a useful object and that may only take up a small amount of space and that therefore, there may be more space within an apartment, a house, or a garden to put in the other belongings of an individual.

The vertical gardening pipe was created and invented in particular for this type of situation. The main concept or the main purpose of the vertical gardening pipe is to have multiple plants and flowers within the tube in a more organized way, and it will be a solution to reducing the amount of space plants and flowers take up in any particular place such as an apartment, a house, or a garden itself. This is a constructed and designed tube that may be hand made and this will result to be a helpful object to use within a garden.

The vertical gardening pipe or tube works by first having to purchase the materials you need such as getting two soaker compression fitting, a 3/8” soaker hose, a 4” PVC down pipe, two 4” PVC pipe caps, landscape fabric and many more. You will also need to provide or purchase tool as needed in order to be able to construct this vertical gardening pipe including hole saw drill bits, spade drill bits, and drill. The second step is to cut the PVC down pipe, you need to use a chop saw and a mitre box to cut down the pipe,the cut down section measures to 16” inches and it takes a small amount of hard work. The third step is to have a dry erase maker to mark the holes in which would be placed on the exterior of the tube. You would also need to have a ruler in order to measure precisely where the holes would be placed and to measure how large the holes are going to be. With 1 1/2” hole saw attached to the mandrel, the tube is tightly secured to the board so it will not move, and then the certain amount of holes you choose are made. The next step is to cut the landscape fabric in which helps hold all the dirt in the tube. It has to be cut down so that it covers the inside circumference and that it overlaps a little. Then you insert the soaker hose, by putting the end of the cap to the tube and then putting the soaker hose in the tube, and then cutting about an inch shorter so that the hose does not curve in the tube. Afterwards, you add the irrigation and then glue the connector to the vertical gardening tube. Lastly you spray paint the tube to the color of your choice and then you do the filling of soil, and finally you add your plants into the vertical gardening tube.

This vertical gardening tube works because, it is an excellent and useful way to organize your plants in a orderly and neat way and it helps to reduce the amount of space plants take being put in pots. These vertical gardening tubes help to take up less space within your apartment, house, or your garden itself.

The vertical gardening tube or pipe relates to engineering by the fact that it takes time to construct a useful object to help in the future and there is designing involved as well. A constructive engineer would build and design this vertical gardening pipe or tube. The vertical gardening pipe or tube is related to the world by the fact that this would help reduce space within an apartment, a house, or a garden itself, and this will help us to have more land to construct or put other objects on. There will be more space within an apartment, a house, and a garden itself to put other belongings.