Fortnite is a game that everyone plays now cause it is so popular. It’s pretty much a game where you have to kill people to survive, when you and another player are left standing you guys have to fight until you are the last person standing. You could build to defend yourself from people but you shouldn’t build in a straight line because they can break it from the bottom. You can fall to your death so should not do that. There are also many types of weapons that you could find, so you don’t only have to just have one weapon you can carry at the most, 5. There’s also shield potions that you can take for extra protection when your health is low there are med kits to help you revive your health along with bandages, so I advise you to carry some. Stay inside the storm because that can kill you. One of the many ways that this relates to engineering is because you the developers of Epic Games have to create new items to put into the game.