Water Treadmill


By: Grace Rose

Water treadmills give you the same workout as running but with out as much strain and pressure on your joints.

Waist deep water reduces your body weight by 50% and water up to your chest reduces your body weight by almost 75% . This lets you keep weight of any injury while you exercise and also retain muscle. This is great for recovering from an injury and physical therapy training.  In addition the water adds resistance to help build muscle. This also allows you to work on your form.

This works because the water reduces swelling, it also relaxes joints, improves strength and boosts flexibility.

This relates to engineering because they took a treadmill something that normally is used on land and changed and improved it to make it work with water.

Water treadmills are really helpful for injured runners or some one who wants to get the same good effect from running with out the strain. Hopefully in the future they will be more available to the public.


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Underwater Treadmill