when fusion works slightly better

the greatest example of nuclear fusion.

the greatest example of nuclear fusion.



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Fusion normally doesn’t work well.

Fusion is simply throwing two hydrogen isotopes at each other very quickly. Then you get energy. However, on earth, we haven’t gotten this to work super efficiently, as it takes tons of energy to throw the hydrogen isotopes at each other quickly enough. In fact, the fusion method that these researchers came up with still isn’t efficient enough to power a grid. It is still more efficient than the other methods – and has the added benefit of being useful in Neutron Imaging and laser interactions. Video explaining regular fusion below.

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This method is different because, as I understand it, it uses a grid made of nanowires. The grid is made of a weird plastic that, instead of having normal hydrogen atoms, has an isotope of hydrogen known as deuterium. Then, to initiate fusion, you fire a powerful laser at the grid. I think this heats up the deuterium atoms so that they bonk into each other at the speeds needed for fusion.

This connects to engineering because people are using their knowledge of fusion and internal kinetic energy to heat up a grid and discover new things. In addition, they aid other topics by mistake.

Fusion still doesn’t work too well, but we’re getting there.