Motorbikes Built On Solar Power


We do not have renewable gasoline, but we do have renewable solar power. An Afghan polytechnic graduate, Mustafa Mohammadi, built a motorbike that runs by solar power. It took Mohammadi 90,000 AFN, which is about $1,300 USD. Normal motorbikes are not precisely the safest vehicle to drive during the winter, however, this solar powered motorbike could withstand the brutal extremes of winter. This motorbike can go up to 40 kilometers per hour. Mohammadi put together this idea for transportation that does not create pollution.

This article relates to chemical and solar engineering. It relates to chemical engineering because of the solar fuel systems that might require alternative batteries. Chemical engineers also are developing cells with a higher conversion capability. This article is also related to solar engineering because it is built based on solar energy. It relates to the outside world because renewable energy can reduce pollution, which could benefit the world’s environment.