Google Glass

google glass

Want to wear something different for your glasses? So, Google released a smart glasses called Google Glass. The Google Glass has a small screen on top of the glasses in the upper corner. It allows you to check to your emails and other notifications. The price of it is $1,500 which is quite expensive for a pair of glasses. In fact, this product is very limited since you have to become a Glass Explorer to actually purchase one. To operate the glass, there are touch pads on the side where you can tap or swipe. Also, the Google Glass will listen to your voice commands, for an example, you can say “Okay Glass, show me this..-”  It could start a call, take pictures, launch an app, and more. The Google Glass is one of the coolest product from Google.


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This related to engineering because of how the inventors create it based on it’s design and how it is programmed. Programmers and engineers have to work together to make the Google Glass work. Therefore, it is programmed inside the glasses and also, they have to create plans.