How to beat Super Mario Odyssey without jumping


I know it seems crazy – beating a game with a lead character named “Jumpman” without ever jumping. It has been done, however. This article will sum up how this works and some key moments where it seems like a jump is forced, but actually isn’t.

With most ledges, you can easily throw Cappy and bounce, which isn’t considered a jump. Wall-Jumps, swimming, and all captures aren’t considered jumps. However, talking to NPCs without doing a frame perfect trick adds to the jump counter. What most will notice is that you need to start the game by waking up Mario with a jump. However, this isn’t considered a jump either. In the cascade kingdom, there is a 2D section in which jumping is the only option. It can be skipped with a dinosaur. In the lost kingdom, Klepto steals Cappy, who is your only option to gain vertical height. Fortunately, there is a way to go around the trigger zone. One of the major roadblocks is in the instance of having to wake Mario after the Bowser boss fight. It does add to the jump counter, no matter how you frame it. To solve this, you need to change to 2p mode beforehand – controlling cappy allows Mario to bounce up, without jumping.

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This relates to engineering because engineering is about inventing things, and coming up with new ways to look at/tackle a problem. In this case, the person decided to take a 3D plat-former and add the problem of not being able to jump.