Broken Torch to Phone Charger


Wow such a nice invention! Here a Broken Torch was used to make an on the go phone charger! So get your charge!

By: Jacqueline Connett

Have you ever lost charge on your phone while away? Then you turned on the car and plugged in for a while? Well the person who built this Phone Charger out of a Broken Torch had a friend who did that everyday and all of the gas disappeared faster and faster each day. Well they fixed the problem by using old broken light torches and installing usb plugs into them so that if your phone died while on the go just grab a torch! The best thing about this is that it works for any type of phone!

This relates to enegineering because they plan out what they will do, like the engineering process, they figure out and solve the problem, and make prototypes. This relates to life because plenty of people loose charge quickly when traveling and unless your the driver or a youngster you are on your phone. This is a on the go phone charger to carry around for emergency’s when you loose charge in your phone! Im pretty sure everyone would use this! There are many engineers who could possibly work on this project, there is mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and technical engineers! Thats alot of engineers!