alarm sunrise clock

By: ayah karar

This alarm clock is better  then waking up in the morning to the worst ring tone, this type of clock will make you wake you up with the lights. It will also not wake up the people around you or to the next room, if you had an other alarm clock is would probably just wake up the  whole house. The alarm clock uses lights that slowly increase in brightness to simulate the sunrise. This exposure to light makes it easier for your brain to wake up.

this is the website-

In my opinion how this relates to engineering is because this took lots of work ad well as a lot of research to this type to engineering.

this a  video of how to make a sunrise alarm clock

how this relates  to life is that it can help a lot of people when it comes to morning and walking up it can help people to having a brighter day as well as making them more happier and brighter.

HOW IT CAN HELP YOU-this alarm clock can be a great way to start improving your mornings. And the way you feel when you wake up. Just know, however, that it’s only the first step to really improving how you feel when you get out of bed. Doctors ,notes that to really adjust your circadian rhythms, you need to expose yourself to more than 30 minutes of light.