By: Margaret Doan

Around the world, there are more than 844 million people who don’t have access to fresh, drinkable water. Therefore, many people are dying from water-diseases from contaminated water and poor conditions in their surroundings. Many inventors and engineers have tried to create a device that can purify unsafe water to clean water. So one of the devices is called ‘Solarball’.  Solarball is a water purification device that is shaped of a hamster ball. It is designed by Jonathan Liow. This device needs sunlight to produced 3 liters of water each day.

For it to work, pour water into the Solarball. Since the top section is transparent, the sunlight is use to heat the water. So, when condensation is formed, evaporated clean water is separated from filthy water. It produce clean water from sunlight and polluted water. The Solarball is inexpensive and easy to transport it to other places. So, the Solarball is one of the helpful, water purification device.


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This is related to engineering because, of how the Solarball is designed and build. So, the inventor has to have plans and ideas to create the Solarball. As, the inventor has to make the device more effective. While, not being to inexpensive or complicated. So, the plastic is made to be recyclable and food-safety.