Reversing Paralysis?


Recently, paralytic lab animals and a few people have controlled computer cursors or robotic arms with brain implants wired to machines. Now, researchers are taking a significant steps towards fully reversing the effects of paralysis. Wireless implants are being developed which connect the brain directly to electrical simulators on the body, creating a “neural bypass” so that people’s thoughts can again move their limbs. The implant itself is made of silicon and is smaller than a postage stamp. On it are hundreds of hair-size metal probes that can “listen” as neurons fire off commands. Additionally, fine electrodes are inserted into a limb while performing the bypass. The procedure allows the paralytic to regain movement into the limb.

This article relates to engineering since scientists have applied knowledge of neuroscience and anatomy to help others perform tasks they otherwise couldn’t do. Movement for paralytics has now become more efficient and easier.