Netherlands To Build The First Solar Farm That Will Float In The Ocean

In the Netherlands, there is a major problem. There is no space in the country for them to build and construct a large solar farm. The land that is to be purchased in the low countries is at a premium and therefore the cost of building large solar farms is higher than anywhere else in the world. This problem has impacted the Netherlands in a negative way, it has caused the Netherlands to fall behind in progress when it came to transition to the renewable energy. As a solution, the Netherlands are considering and are planning to build solar farms over the surface of an ocean. Reporters are saying that an offshore seaweed farm in the Netherlands will soon become a floating solar farm in the next few years, to be able to enhance a solar-powered Dutch future. The project or the idea will begin with a test, they will establish a 30 square meter solar farm that will be approximately nine miles off the coast of Hague, a city in the Netherlands. The test farm will be positioned between two existing offshore turbines and they will both be connected to the same cables. If the first test is successful, and the electricity that is generated is affordable and works effectively, then the Netherlands will expand the solar farm to its full size which is 2,500 square meters. The project planners are hoping to have the full size solar farm to be finished around the year of 2021. The Netherlands think that if they do achieve their goal with determination, other countries will do the same process and they will expand and enhance their solar powered generation.

This project relates to engineering and the world by the fact that, this project requires planning and thinking which refers to engineering. There would need to be technical, electrical, and civil engineers that would help make this project successful by contributing their ideas and abilities together to make something amazing happen. This project relates to the world by the fact that it is a solar powered farm that will benefit us and it will float over the ocean which helps the Netherlands to conserve land. This project may indeed help our society, agricultural issues, but most importantly our economy.