4 #RGBchest


By: shawn lisann

My partner, Tarquin, and I worked more on our chest project today. After we gave our order form to Mr. Smith, we decided to mark our wood in order to cut in later in the future. We used the same type of wood for the sides of the chest, but we will have to use a different type of wood for the top, bottom, and layer of the chest.

Our chest is 10 inches tall, 14 inches long, and 14 inches wide. So in the overall end we need to mark 2 14 by 14 inch pieces of wood, 2 14 by 10 pieces of wood, 2 16 by 10 pieces of wood, and one extra 14 by 14 inch piece of wood for the layer above our RGB lights. Our top pice of the chest is more thin than the others and the others are about 1 inch thick.