By: Fang Huang


The technology of a Ballista has been around for over a millennia ever since the concept of a giant crossbow was conceived. It was possibly first mention in a weapons description by King Uzziah, who reigned in the 8th century. It made great use with the recently developed torsion spring (twisting spring).  The Ballista was used many contraptions like levers and pulley-like devices to increase tension for more powerful and faster shots.


  • Mainly fires a Heavy dart called Bolts
  • Eventually developed in a Scorpio for increased accuracy
  • First conceptualized by the Greeks
  • Romans then adopted and created their own ballista

The ballista was then widely spread for it’s power, speed, and accuracy. Every country at that time wanted to develop their own version of the ballista. The Ballista was mainly used for siege warfare and was used by the attackers and defenders, attacking castles from mounted chariots or defending them from mounted castle walls.