Mini Solar, Power Bank, Speaker


Most Speakers arent a power bank or solar power based, but this one is. In this article someone has built a Mini Solar Power Bank Speaker!They have used a lot of materials to make this project while completing it in a short amount of days slowly taking their time and being flexible among problems they come across. It might seem easy but it took a lot of work! He needed lots of supplies including old and recycled ones. He used all of the supplies and combined them to make this wonderful invention. This invention is very useful and can be used for many things, it even has a flashlight in it!

This project relates to engineering and designing because it uses the engineering and designing process as its starting point. It starts with a simple idea getting larger and larger as you go along. You improve and make prototypes of the idea while making up your final design. It also creates a time span that the engineer has to work on it during. It also made requirements for the design to follow. Then the engineer communicates the results of his product. It also has to do with engineering because you use sturdy materials and tools in order to built the base and starting point of the idea. Types of engineers that would have had to work on this is mechanical engineers and electrical engineers.

Adding LED’s to TP4056 Module to make the solar power bank charger have a flashlight!    #solarcharger4life