3D printed lipstick


3D printing is a fairly new technology and it has only become widely used in the past couple years. Originally, 3D printers were only used to print plastic products, but recently people have been experimenting with using different substances in 3D printers. After chocolate was able to be 3D printed in a special 3D printer, a chemist at smashbox suggested 3D printing lipstick. Finally, scientists at smashbox were able to create a printer that could print with lipstick and in any design that you create. Like a regular 3D printer, you have to design a drawing using a computer aided drawing program, save it as a file, and print!


This relates to engineering and involved many chemists, 3D printer experts, and engineers that worked together to make a complex 3D printer that would print accurately with lipstick. In the future, scientists hope to use this technology to print food, clothes and other beauty products.