iBubble drone




Imagine being underwater, trying to capture the perfect moment in the water. Well, the iBubble is an underwater drone that follows you to capture high-footage videos. Even though it follows you, it can move up to 80 feet away from you while you are swimming. It is just like the GoPro as it creates underwater videos. You have to wear a bracelet so the iBubble could track where you are and follow you. It is designed for scuba divers and is about the size of a lifeguard’s device. This gadget costs about $2,200. If there’s an emergencies, the iBubble will float up to the surface. It uses sonar to avoid hitting corals and reef. This is one of the amazing device that captures amazing footage underwater.


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In my opinion, this is related to engineering because of how the engineers designed this and how they programmed the device. Therefore, they have to created the device to self drive and record videos while underwater.