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Costs for Planet Destroying Death Laser…

Death Star

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The Death Star… one of if not the most Iconic Star Wars related things. The Death Star (DS-1 Orbital Battle Station) was Originally planned out and designed by the Geonosians, a Winged Semi-Insectoid species before the Galactic Republic, But later the Galactic Empire took the project over.

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The Death Star is a mobile spherical space station about the size of a tiny moon. It has the iconic super death laser (plasma) built into it which were powered by kyber crystals.


  • 160km (100 mi) in diameter
  • A large, concaved dish that is on the northern hemisphere that houses the super laser.
  • At the Equator of the Station houses the numerous docks and line the planet destroyer
  • The Hull of the entire Station is comprised of Quadanium Steel


  • 357 levels from top to bottom
  • A Entire Man-made Atmosphere
  • There’s 768 tractor beams for docking ship of the fleet
  • Around 15,000 turbolaser batteries
  • Shield Projectors pepper the outside wall hull of the station to protect against disruption and attacks
  • Communication antennas are also peppered outside the hull for the obvious


With such a large station you’ll need a large amount of staff and equipment to efficiently operate it

  • There are numerous TIE Fighters piloted by TIE fighter Pilots

– The TIE Staging Area has 20 TIE Crafts ready for Takeoff at an moment

  • Around 342,953 member of the Imperial army and navy
  • 25,984 Storm Troopers
  • About 2 million personnel with varying combat abilities

Cost of the Death Star

In the movies the Death Star I and Death number 2 were both blown up by the rebels, but researcher and Professor Zachary Feinstein of Washington University in St. Louis, Would argue that these two moments would “destroy” the economy equal to 193 quintillion dollar just to make the first death star, factoring in time, work, and materials. The material for the first and second death star is 1.271 Pentillion USD or little under 15,537 time the current global GDP alone, which is about 81.8 trillion dollars.

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Costs for Planet Destroying Death Laser…