Remote Control Trash Can Day 1: The Brainstorming


On the first day of our project we brainstormed many ideas. We began with a Remote Control Race Car and came up with many other ideas including solar powered phone chargers and keyboards that generated power. We realized that these were impractical and we were split on whether or not we should build  a car or if we could even create a Remote Control.

Luckily, a large industrial sized trash can was located right behind us. We initially came up with the idea of a Remote Control Trash Can by joking around. But soon we agreed that we would began our engineering careers with a RC (Remote Control) Trash Can. We started to plan it out but had many conflicts on how to build it and how to avoid problems. By the end of the class we had not figured out anything about how we were going to build the Trash Can but only that we were going to build it.