DIY Air Hockey Table


By: Mohamed Hussein

This article about how to make a DIY Air Hockey Table and what it needs just talks about the basic steps and materials that are needed to create an air hockey table. Step 1 talks about the requirements and measurements needed to build the table. Step 2 is about creating the frame of the table. Step 3 is about creating the playing surface and drilling the holes. Step 5 is about attaching the surface of the table to the frame of it. Step 6 is about attaching the air inlet or the leaf blower to the playing surface of the table to blow the air into the surface of the table so the puck can float. Step 7 is to attach the chipboard to the rest of the construction and step 8 is is making goals and adding finishing touches.

This DIY Air Hockey Table relates to engineering because we are using simple household materials to create something that is fun, easy to use, and entertaining and is not very expensive. This relates to the world because as times goes by, we are becoming more innovative and are getting the opportunity to make things out of less and less resources.