What in heck is inside of a Nintendo Switch?


Source: Evan Amos

This is a nintendo switch, but it’s not torn inside out. Let’s fix that.

By: Alex Lopez

Basically some people went and took apart a Nintendo Switch, to see how it works. It should be fascinating, given how powerful it is, compared to bulkier consoles, despite it’s small size – I think it’s smaller than an iPad. I won’t describe it all, because then you won’t read the more information article, but I’ll describe the Joycons and their HD rumble feature. In other consoles, there is a rumble feature present. This rumble, however, is very generalized. It shakes the entire controller, and typically at the same rate. This is because most controllers (Including the Wii remote) use one giant motor, known as an “Eccentric rotating mass” motor. With the Nintendo Switch Joycons, you have a “Linear Resonant Actuator” Causing the vibrations. Now, I have no idea those actuators work, so click one of the links below to learn more. The full teardown and video are below.

Nintendo’s Hardware DNA: A Switch Teardown

How It Works: Linear Resonant Actuators

This connects to engineering, in that it shows how things are put together – built/engineered. In addition, it shows how Nintendo has added onto their past technologies. Plus, it’s just really cool. Who doesn’t want to tear apart a Nintendo Switch?