Animal OrthoCare builds prosthetic limbs for animals


Derrick Campana is the founder of Animal Orthocare. It is a company that creates prosthetic limbs for amputee animals, or animals who have lost their limbs. And, they do not only build prostheses for pets, such as cats and dogs. Campana and his team have built prostheses for goats, pandas, and even two elephants from Thailand. The featured image is a memorial to Mosha, one of the elephants who Campana built a leg for. Mosha was only seven months old when she lost her leg to a landmine.

Articles about Animal Orthocare:

Videos that show the process of making the prosthetics and tell you more about what Campana and his team do:

Examples of how their work has improved the lives of all kinds of animals:

This relates to engineering because in order to make the prostheses, the team has to engineer and build them. They use the engineering process to make them.