Massachusetts Institute of Technology Robotic Cheetah

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Robotic Cheetah

By: Grace Kim

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers established a four-legged robotic cheetah. This is the first quadruped robot to run and jump over obstacles without assistance. The robot distinguishes an obstacle and avoids it by estimating its height and distance. Before it faces the obstacle, the robot determines its best jumping position and applies a specific amount of force to land safely.

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The MIT robotic cheetah relates to engineering, as it concerns with the work of designing and constructing objects by using scientific methods. This robot required a contribution of various engineers. The team examined the motion of animals to build a robot that plans out its path, similar to that of a human runner. This robot can influence the world by developing the muscles’ performance. For instance, the legs of this robot can improve prosthetic legs.

Here is a video for more information of how the robot operates: