The Drone for Beginners: The X-Star Premium


(Picture taken by Autel Robotics)

By: Aaron Dubois

Autel Robotics has created a drone that is pre-assembled and easy to use.

It comes with a case that will keep it safe unlike many drones that come in Styrofoam boxes. In addition it comes with a 4k camera that can slide on and off the drone. This means you get a free 4k camera along with your drone. Finally, they created a controller that only has 5 buttons and two control sticks which allow you to control drone.



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This drone is an all around stellar engineering project by Autel Robotics and will help the drone community grow as it will help people understand drones. They concept of drones itself is covered by  engineering and is only possible using multiple types of engineering. To allow the camera to be easily detachable they had to use engineering. To have the propellers spin and change speed based on a slight movement of a hand they had to use engineering. Even the box the drone came in has elements of engineering spilled into it.


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