What are the benefits of football gloves.


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Like most things in professional sports, football gloves have improved over time. They are more sticky and this makes it easier to catch the actual football. There are many benefits because of the catching ability they provide to the players. They use chemicals and can maintain traction even when it is wet. This is a great feature that they have added, it helps the players and makes it easier for them. Seeing as if they wore regular gloves, it would be more difficult for them to keep the ball in hand and not to drop it. With the sticky features that they have added to the palm of the gloves, it gives more support while holding the ball and less chances of the ball slipping out of your hands and going to the opposite team. They even added some sticky features on the fingertips to give even more support. There is also a different pair of gloves that is rubbery all over which is very similar, except these could be more affected during plays. But both type of gloves are very affecting.

This relates to engineering because unlike normal gloves, football gloves are meant for catching and they have improved over time. There has been many studies on football gloves to improve performance that makes them an engineering feat.