Self-Driving flying Taxis

By: Margaret Doan

Drone taxis

Have you ever imagine of a taxis that can fly and is self driving? Well, the hover taxis will exist in Dubai by 2020. Therefore, it is made by the German company Volocopter. The flying-hover taxis can fly for 30 min and go about 100 kilometers per hour. It is also self-driving which means it can drive by itself. For safety, the vehicle will find a safe spot to land. Also, it will provide safety equipment such as parachutes and has back-up batteries. The flying-hover taxis is incredible because of it’s design and how it is made.

Here is the articles that will talk more about the flying-hover taxis:     


This is related to engineering because of how the manufacturers build the flying taxis and how they design it. Also, it is engineered to be a transportation for the people. With all the process to created the hover-flying taxis, it has to do many tries and changes in order for it to be successful. Therefore, different type of engineers have to worked together to create the flying-taxis so it can fly and self-drive.